Sonic Imagery Labs Model 1114A 8-Pin DIP to SOIC8 Adapter

Updated May 3rd, 2023

Model 1114A Specifications and Datasheet PDF
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General Description:
Sonic Imagery Labs Model 1114A 8-Pin DIP to SOIC8 Adapter

Convenient, cost-effective means of converting DIP-style packaging to SOIC PC board layouts. The Sonic Imagery Labs Model 1114A allows the user to adapt or mount DIP8 or dual inline 8 pin devices to SOIC8 SMT footprints. The Model 1114A adapter is available either fully assembled or as a user solderable kit form. With the installation of 8 gold pinsaver pins, the kit form of the 1114A adapter can be reversed and the user can mount/solder SOIC8 SMT devices to existing DIP8 or DIL8 device footprints.

When removing the SMT device from the PCB to be upgraded be sure to take careful note of the PIN 1 location. Be sure to install and orientate the Sonic Imagery Labs Model 1114A with its PIN 1 location is the same manner.


• Adapters will allow the use of a newer or more readily available component package type - avoiding costly redesign or requalifying of the existing PCB.

• Adapts SO8 surface mount IC to 8-pin DIP footprint.

• Kit version can be assembled to adapt 8-pin DIP footprint to SO8 surface mount IC (Reverse Direction).

• Gold plated 0.500” x 0.500” x 0.062” adapter board,
FR-4 laminate

• Pinned out as 1 for 1 connections, straight thru, allowing the
use of single and dual opamp evaluation or adaptation.

• Designed, assembled and produced in the USA

• 3 Year Warranty

Installation assumes the user is trained and competant in the art and has the skills to desolder and solder surface mount devices and PCB level repair and upgrade. Take note of the device to be upgraded/adapted PIN1 location.

(Above) A Sonic Imagery Labs 994Enh-Ticha opamp installed onto the Sonic Imagery Labs Model 1114A installed onto 0.050 2x4 pin header soldered to the existing PCB pads.

Attention should be given to upgrades or adaptations which may be subject to strong shocks or lateral forces and movement. As shown above the stacking of devices can become tall. This will place stress on the supporting PCB and its solder pads if subject to physical shock or sudden movement. In the case shown, the 994Enh-Ticha was attached to several components with hot-glue. This will prevent sudden movement from damaging the attaching PCB and solder pads at the base of the adapter. As every application is different, the user should examine the installation carefully and take measures to support the adapter stack.

(Above) The Sonic Imagery Labs Model 1114A is also available in an unassembled kit form. The kit can be assembled to adapt SOIC8 to DIP8. This is the reverse adaption of the assembled model.


Model 1114A Specifications and Datasheet PDF
Model 1114A Purchase Online

Contact us directly for OEM and quantity pricing.

All specifications subject to change without notice. The information provided herein is believed to be reliable; however; Sonic Imagery Labs assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions. Sonic Imagery Labs does not warrant or authorize any Sonic Imagery Labs products for use in life support devices and or systems.

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